Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The "Corpse Collectors" collect indeed

Congrats to the 2008 Insomniacs Club Fantasy Football champs, Travis' Corpse Collectors, who reeled off an impressive 9-game winning streak to pull of the victory after looking positively dead in the water early in the year. Even more impressive was the fact that he survived the egg laid by Kurt Warner and still ended up with his highest scoring game of the season.

Our league is extremely high-scoring and competitive, featuring a unique 2-QB system that demands that owners stay very much on top of the action as the season unfolds. This was our third year, and by all accounts the league just gets better & better every season.

Congratulations to Travis. I feel badly that the league was free this year, since I know he could use the cash. If he has enough karma built up, perhaps he'll hit it big on the scratch offs I gave him for Christmas.

Our football league is limited to Kidspeace staff @ this time, but if you're interested, I also run a NASCAR league that was hugely successful last season (our first). I'll be posting registration information in mid-January; last year's overall champion took home $350 just in time for Christmas...hoping to grow the league even bigger this time around.

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